Patternity Test

Totally addicted to this site...

Bar Toppin'

Spotted this little gem with a "free" sign leaning against it. She was a beauty from the start but we made some minor updates...

glued an old scarf down to the counter top and waterproofed it with a top coat. Once that was thoroughly dried, poured varnish over the entire surface and just let it dry. this site has a similar project with detailed instructions.

Look at those reflections--it's like glass!

***Feeling inspired by this embedded resin project and this multi-color resin table.


Stop by the Allegory household and you are guaranteed to find us in the middle of some type of project...

Print Like It's 1897

Just finished a private tour of this little hidden gem tucked away in the basement of Cal Poly’s Design Department building. Check out this write-up or visit their blog for more information.

Made from repurposed letterpress type:

1. belt: Steel Toe Studios  //  2. necklace: Gwen Delicious

My Cat From Hell

I am a huge cat lover, grew up around cats, and raised a cat of my own. So I have always felt completely comfortable around feline friends...but this one was a special one, not your typical cat. She's not exactly a cat from hell but she does have her moments. Kruzer was born to a feral mom but rescued and raised by my loving husband (long before he and I even began dating). In trying to learn about her behavior I got way into Jackson Galaxy. The show is great and he understands the feline species like no other. We also decided to test her IQ and frankly, she's better off relying on her good looks...But we still love her and consider her the queen of the house!

p.s. fellow cat lovers will find these completely adorable...

Architecture Graveyard

The hike features a collection of different architecture and engineering projects created by students at Cal Poly.

Here's a map to the hiking spot!

Magic Man

Mr. Allegory, king of my world!

Herb Preserve

I spent most of yesterday at work cataloging and photographing the herbarium specimen collection, as seen above. It was nice spending quality time with nature, even within the confines of my office. While doing some research for the collection I came across the most amazing jewelry by Anika Smulovitz. So inspiring--check this out!

"The Herbarium Specimen rings reference the human desire to label and collect all aspects of our surroundings. The rings are portable specimens on display in contained scientific specimen jars. The specimens are carefully collected from my garden and thoroughly research, their scientific name identified and written on the bottom of each ring."
--Anika Smulovitz

Fruits of Labor

Pretty tasty although I may add more sweetener the next time around...but I have one hell of a sweet tooth. For instructions I followed this recipe.

I'm thinking of some kind of bourbon peach jam. Maybe something like this...or if I have enough peaches, this ...

Family Recipes

I grew up with this potato salad--the recipe originally belonged to my great grandmother and has been passed on, with each generation adding their own twist. My mom's addition is black olives--as she wrote in the instructions above. I personally love it with a cup or so of capers thrown in the mix.

Now that we're in the midst of Summer and my squash are abundant, I've been eying this grilled take on potato salad.
Check out the potato salad version on my new favorite food blog here.